Our Team

Aero Circus consists of a small but diverse group of General Aviation pilots with over 50 years combined flying experience. They all have one thing in common – the desire to be the best pilots they can be, and to share their fascination and love of aviation with the world.


Fabrice Lamarre is a French magician and a chapeaugrapher based on the Gold Coast. Not only does Fabrice perform magic, but he has been a commercial pilot and a flight instructor since late last century.

For Fabrice, Aero Circus provides an exciting and ground-breaking way of sharing his extensive flight training experience. He serves as secretary for the group and provides the technical expertise for the educational material on the website as well as drawing on his film making experience.



Ian Caldwell-Smith has a background in motor mechanics, financial planning, IT, sales and marketing, and currently runs a Handyman business in the Logan area of Brisbane. He commenced his flying career in 2002 at Gil Layt’s Flying School at Archerfield in Brisbane and has an unhealthy obsession with all things aviation.

Ian serves as the treasurer for the group, edits the content for the website and provides the highly unprofessional voiceover for the videos. On his days off he likes to sit and look up at the sky, wishing he was up there looking down.


Dalton Hopewell is the youngest member of the team and is our multimedia specialist. He is working towards his Commercial Pilot Licence with the aim of joining the airlines.As such he provides valuable insight into the flight training system from a ‘customer’ perspective.

While COVID-19 may have slowed his progress, his passion for avaition has not wavered.



Nick Demchinsky is an entrepreneur and a dedicated pilot. He has been flying regularly for more than 10 years and while he is still studying for his Private Pilot Licence, he has more than enough flying hours to satisfy the requirements for the Commercial Pilot Licence. His extremely busy work life has prevented him from gaining the formal qualifications he would like but has not stopped him from becoming a very competent pilot.

Because of Nick’s sales and marketing background, he is in charge of business development for the group. He is also a talented amateur photographer and many of the images, both still and moving, on the website are courtesy of him.

Aero Circus - Clowns at Play