Entertainment, Inspiration or Just A Laugh

With so much to learn in aviation, occasionally we just need to take a break and do something different. Perhaps you are just looking for some inspiration.

In this section we look at some ideas about ways to use your pilot licence, the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences with others, some adventures on the boundaries of the aviation ecosystem, plus there are a heap of photos and funny stuff.

If you are looking for some reasons to go flying then check out the Aerial Adventures section. Here we have covered some of the more memorable trips we have taken over the years – from a quick one hour spin around the islands to 8 days in the outback.

Sharing knowledge and experiences about aviation is the best way to spread the word. In Share The Passion we report on some of our adventures where we introduced new people to flying, or perhaps where we were on the receiving end of the inspiration.

On The Edge is dedicated to those articles that, while still linked to aviation through the clowns at Aero Circus, are about subjects that even normal people might find interesting (that is, not ALL about planes).

In the Media Gallery you will find lots of aviation photos, with many more to come soon. Some (but not many) even have sensible captions!

And finally, all the weird and funny stuff can be found in Just For Laughs. But be warned, there is nothing sensible here.





Aero Circus - Clowns at Play