Reference Library

Our Resources

Over the years we have built up a small but growing collection of reference material that may be useful to pilots. In our Reference Library you will find such things as CASA regulations, POH’s, equipment manuals, cheat sheets, check lists and other materials. If you have any materials that you would like to see included in the library, please contact us.

While some of this information is freely available elsewhere on the internet, here it is conveniently stored in one location. But there is other material that has been developed by Aero Circus and is exclusively available to its members.

Getting Access

To access the Reference Library you must be a registered member of Aero Circus and be logged in. This material is available for your personal use only. By accessing this area you agree to all our Terms and Conditions, and specifically agree not to share any of this material outside of Aero Circus without written permission of Aero Circus, whether by copying materials in any format, sharing links, or by any other method. Please email us if you are seeking permission to redistribute any of these materials for any purpose. Click here to enter the Reference Library.


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