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This paperback book examines a range of skills that the low hour or non-professional pilot can improve to become a better and safer pilot . Price includes postage and handling in Australia.


Once you have achieved your desired level of pilot licence (be that Recreational, Private or Commercial), you might discover that there are many ways in which you can improve your flying skills. You could spend a fortune on flying instructors or take your chances flying with a friend to try and knock the rough edges off and polish your skillset. Or you could just buy this new book and discover a whole range of ways to make your flying look and feel safer and more professional.

Refine Your Flying Skills includes 9 articles to help you improve how you fly, much of which you won’t find anywhere else. From simple issues such as making sure that your passengers have an enjoyable experience, and using checklists for the best results, through to getting a proper handle on go-arounds and crosswinds, the skills you learn from this book will make you passengers think you are a highly accomplished pilot.

Summary of chapters

The book includes 10 chapters as follows.

1. Introduction – Includes who this book is for and why it has been written, and introduces the team behind Aero Circus.

2. Taking Care of Your Pax – From the minute they arrive at the airport, through the flight preparation processes to the flight itself and returning them to terra firma, learn how to make sure passengers have an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

3. Written Checklists – While you may have run through checklists hundreds of times, do you really understand what each item is trying to achieve? These procedures may be your only chance to identify problems before they become emergencies.

4. Fuel Injection – While these systems are more common now than in the past, there are still many myths surrounding the proper use of fuel injection such as when starting the engine. This chapter also provides a brief refresher on carburettor systems. Problems with aircraft fuel systems are one of the main causes of in-flight emergencies, so a thorough understanding is critical.

5. Refining Flight Transitions – How well a pilot handles the transitions between various flight manoeuvres is often a big give-away to their skill levels and professionalism. Discover plenty of ways to improve your abilities and smoothness in a range of these areas.

6. Advanced Precautionary Search & Landings – The basic ‘PSL’ is taught to ab initio students then often forgotten about until the day it is needed in real life. This chapter revisits the basics and adds a raft of tricks and techniques to improve the effectiveness and usefulness of this critical procedure. For example, learn how to measure the length of a potential landing area using simple maths you can easily do in your head.

7. Is the Runway Long Enough? – Is your landing distance longer than your take-off distance? If so, you might have a problem. Learn how to assess, measure and benchmark your take-offs and landings, and discover plenty of tips to improve your landing distance.

8. Mastering the Go-Around – It seems simple enough, but the humble go-around is still the cause of many aircraft accidents. Overcome reluctance to go-around and learn the steps critical to executing one safely in different circumstances.

9. Conquering Crosswinds – After lack of money and aviation medicals, this is an area that seems to cause the most stress in pilots. Yet once mastered, there is no reason why you should ever fear them again. Refresh the basics then find out how the professionals do it.

10. Maintaining Skills With a Plan – Acquiring all the skills necessary to be a safe, effective pilot takes a lot of time and money. So why not develop a system to make sure you maintain them properly? This chapter provides simple, effective and practical suggestions to help you tailor a skills maintenance plan to suit your own flying. Registered users (registration is free) you can read the original articles (Maintain Your Flying Skills and Maintain Skills With A Plan) that were distilled into this chapter.

Be quick

This book has been printed in a small, fixed print run (it is not ‘print on demand’) so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t be the only one who didn’t get their copy.


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