Pilot Profiles

Pilot Profiles

Welcome to the new Pilot Profiles section where we will feature in-depth interviews with pilots from all levels of aviation. These might be from brand new students just starting out , those who have been around a while, through to highly experienced or perhaps even famous pilots.

The purpose is to gain an insight into what makes pilots tick, how and why they got where they are today, and where they are going and how they plan to get there. Who knows, you might find you have something more than just a love of aviation in common with other pilots. Or perhaps you can learn something useful from their experiences or plans.

Craig “Wilco” Wilcockson

Wilco is a RAAF Avionics Technician by day who started flying in 1989. He flies warbirds such as the Yak52, T28 Trojan and L-39 Albatros on his days off. As you do.




Dianna Angeli

Dianna has been working towards her Commercial Pilot Licence with Gil Layt’s Flying School in Archerfield, Queensland. As she approaches that goal we asked her about her journey in the aviation world.



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