End of an Era

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  1. Robert McVea says:

    A very sad day back then. Gil and Sue took me on as an apprentice AME when they got the new hangar built in late 70’s. I remember many great staff working for Gil back then, Mike Hackwood, Barry Hemple, Brad Pieters, Dave Bankcroft, Allen Dunbar and many others. I still remember holding down the new decathlon when the tornados were coming through.
    I’m very grateful for what Gil and Sue did for me back then, I later joined the airforce as an Aircraft Technician on F-111’s and then into Defence IT as a Systems Technician for many years.
    Cheers, Rob

  2. Darren Bell says:

    Wow another name at Archerfield gone. Your article brought back a few familiar names, Steve Tadduecci was my instructor to get a tail wheel endorsement on Barry Hempel’s Tigermoth. Gordon Bradbury with Air Training Centre flying his Tomahawks and Warriors. Been too many years since flying, let alone visiting Archerfield, sad to see more of it fade away.

  3. NNx says:

    Did my first flight in MIR at ATC, also did a TIF in BLD at Gil Layt’s with Mr Browne. Good times indeed.

  4. John Sullivan says:

    I obtained my PPL through GLFS, in 1986, it seemed to me the to be the best place to learn to fly, with great indtructors, Alan Dunbar, Steve Heel, Graham Bird and others. It was a great time to learn to fly and I hired aircraft from Gil very often when I was flying to my customers in North Queensland and the mines around Emerald, Blackwater and Mt. Isa. So sad to see the end of what was such a memorable era. I still miss thexchool to this day. John Sullivan.

  5. Matthew says:

    Firstly, this is a wonderful tribute post to what was a genuine Archerfield institution. Boy that place had character…and characters!
    I was a frequent visitor to GLFS in the 90s and 2000s. Did my GFPT and PPL there with Rob and Steve. I met Chris B there and flew with him when he was in Jandakot. Quality instructors and good fellas.
    From memory, I designed their first ‘real’ website in around 2001. Life took me in a different direction and I regretfully lost touch with everyone.
    I never felt more at home on an airfield than when I was at Gil’s. Wonderful memories that I revisit decades later to relive the ‘glory days’ of my young life.
    A belated tip of the glass to Gil, Sue and all the folks that helped so many people fulfil a dream over the years.
    The memories live on, long after the doors have closed.

  6. AL says:

    Today was a busy day but wasn’t expecting this made it to Archerfield with Aero Circus boys (thank you) to watch the last flight of the owner of Gil Layt’s flying school from the tower it was sad to see but an experience.

  7. Daniel Gallaz says:

    A very sad day! I did my TIF with TUU on a Tuesday and actually started my GFPT then PPL the very next day! That back in 1996! Since then I managed to get to the airlines. In 2003 I was back in OZ to fly some more hours on TKJ. The best flying school with the best owners!
    Sue, may you rest in peace.

  8. John Knott says:

    A great loss for flight training in Australia as evidenced by the career achievements of so many pilots who obtained their licenses and ratings at GLFS.

  9. Gino Russo says:

    Loved Gil Layts flying school ? it always had a great vibe . They made flying fun and created a really great culture

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