Category: Broaden Your Horizons

This section of Oz Private Pilot covers a range of skills that are not necessarily central to becoming a competent pilot. Instead they are additional skills a pilot may choose to pursue either due to operational requirements or simply personal amusement.


Expanding the Options

Sometimes you need a new challenge in aviation. Sometimes you just need to find a suitable plane that is available when life dictates you can spare the time. This week PPL Ian relates his...


AvSafety Seminar September 2018

This week Aero Circus attended the latest round of AvSafety seminars conducted by CASA. This time the theme was “Enhancing Pilot Skills in a Dynamic Environment”. As usual Iain from the Brisbane CASA office...


Glider Approach

Always looking for a new aviation challenge, RPL Mick Brinkman hit the road once again and ‘just happened upon’ a new adventure in the Queensland countryside. That’s his excuse anyway. In this article he...


My Very First NVFR Lesson

After PPL and before CPL, a pilot’s thoughts may turn to a new ‘side’ challenge. This week PPL Ian confuses his aspirations for a visual night flying rating with being a Mills and Boon...


CASA AvSafety Seminar 2018

It is always the same questions when CASA organise an educational lecture for GA pilots: Is it necessary for me to go? Are they going to talk about that riveting administrative stuff which is...


Pilot Medicals Demystified

While the subject of pilot medicals has received its fair share of attention of late, we have noticed that there are quite a number of newer pilots who are not sure what to expect...


Upgrading DC Headsets to ANR – Part 1

When Instructor Fabrice had his favourite headsets damaged in a cyclone, he decided to take advantage of the situation and upgrade them with an Active Noise Reduction kit. In part 1 of this saga,...


CASA AvSafety Seminar 2017

Aero Circus recently attended a CASA AvSafety seminar to see what goes on and what we could learn. Lessons For Life This time around the main topics covered were “Starved and exhausted – Understanding...

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