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As pilots, we already know how great it can be to leave the bounds of this planet and beat gravity at its own game. But someone has to tell the rest of the world what they are missing.
This section contains stories about how we sometimes ‘spread the word” at Aero Circus, as well as ways to learn more about our favourite pastime.


Exmouth Scenic Flight

This week while we take a short break from our ‘Darwin’ series, we are pleased to introduce a new guest writer. Louise Morton is well on her way to earning her RPL in Archerfield...


La French Connection

Always looking for an excuse to go flying, Instructor Fabrice, a part time Frenchman and part time Pilot, took some full time backpackers and relatives of his for an aerial spin around his part...


Breakfast in Chinchilla

Early on a Sunday September morning, the Aero Circus team plus a few friends flew out to Chinchilla airport, some 250km west-north-west of Brisbane. Why? Because we were hungry. And the All Flyers Brekkie...


It’s Who You Know, Not What You Know

A few weeks ago, Aero Circus plus a few friends went along to have a personal tour of a corporate jet. We were expecting the usual ‘quick look around and don’t touch anything’. But...


2018 Brisbane Valley Air Show

This year’s Brisbane Valley Air Show was held on 26 and 27 May at the Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, near Toogoolawah, about 70km north-west of Brisbane. Aero Circus sent a couple of clowns, Gavin...


The Circus Comes to Amberley

One warm and humid March morning, in a fit of patriotic enthusiasm, the Aero Circus team plus a few friends decided to visit a fairly local aviation museum, just 30km west of our home...


Celebrity Pilots

One rainy day at Aero Circus we somehow got into a discussion about famous people who were also magicians. Names such as director Orson Welles, actor Steve Martin, dancer Fred Astaire, boxer Mohammed Ali,...


My Romantic Weekend

Instead of his usual habit of taking to the skies in a Cessna 172 on Saturday morning, friend of Aero Circus Mick Brinkman decided to go for a ‘romantic’ weekend away. Here is what...

New Caledonia Aerial 0

Let’s go flying while in New Caledonia

Following their successful venture to the Melbourne Magic Festival earlier this year, Aero Circus’ two resident magicians, Fabrice and Nick, were invited to attend the International Magic Festival in New Caledonia. Being both magicians...


Archerfield Airport Open Day 2017

Today Archerfield Airport held its annual Open Day when the general public is invited to indulge in all things aviation, mostly for free. AeroCircus was there (where else would we be?) to record some...

Aero Circus - Clowns at Play