Category: On The Edge – Aviation Related Articles

While our focus at Aero Circus is firmly on aviation, sometimes interesting things ‘on the edge’ of our passion will crop up.

This section contains articles that may not make you a better pilot, but nonetheless may make your day more enjoyable.


Test Drive a Tesla

Every now and then the clowns from Aero Circus like to do something different. Recently one of them decided to test drive a new car. Nothing all that different there. Except that this was...


Mile High Magic Club

Back when Aero Circus was taking its first steps, the idea of doing something unique and unusual was already a driving force in the group. Hence the concept of combining aviation and magic in...


Magicians’ Face Off

While in New Caledonia for the International Magic Festival, Fabrice was performing some magic for the crowd waiting to enter the main performance area in the Culturale Centre de Mont Dore. He was doing...


Viva New Caledonia

Next week, Aero Circus’ intrepid pilot/magicians will embark on another journey into the great unknown (well, for Nick at least). Here is a brief overview of what lies ahead for our adventurers. We will...

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