Aerial Adventures – Some Good Reasons To Go Flying

Far too often a pilot who is not interested in a career in aviation will spend a huge amount of time, money and effort gaining their Private Pilot Licence (PPL), only to stop flying because the goal has been achieved. Unless they have a practical need to fly (for business for example), they may lose the drive and reason to keep learning and growing as a pilot.

One of the primary reasons for the formation of Aero Circus was to provide GA and Recreational pilots with reasons to go flying. In this section, we show you in detail some of the activities we have undertaken for no other reason than ‘because we can’. Hopefully this might inspire you to plan and undertake some adventures of your own, and get out into the ‘wild blue yonder’ and experience things that those poor, under-privileged non-pilots can only dream about.

Our Adventures

2016 Birdsville Races

Back when Aero Circus was known as Aero Magic, we decided it would be a good idea to organise a flying tour from Brisbane to Birdsville to coincide with the annual Birdsville Races. In this series of articles, we explore the whole stupid idea from conception, through planning and dubious execution, to the inevitable conclusion and post-mortem when it was all over, and we had to – somewhat unwillingly – resume our normal lives.



Dunwich Fly-in Breakfast

Straddie Aero Club hosts a fly-in breakfast on the third Saturday of each month (mostly). Intrepid aviators (and a few trepid ones as well) from all over South East Queensland are reputed to attend this well-known event. The Aero Circus team and a few friends dropped in to see what really goes on, and sample some famous island hospitality.



Gold Coast Scenic

Rather than a one-off adventure, this is something we do on a regular basis. The round trip from Archerfield is about an hour. For tourists, it is a great way to showcase some of the unique sights that South East Queensland has to offer, without having to actually interact with any of the locals. Flying over Surfers Paradise and along the Gold Coast beaches at 500 feet is a sight we never tire of. Also flying in a light aircraft is waaay safer than walking down Cavill Avenue after dark.


Mt Warning Scenic

PPL’s Gav & Ian embarked on an ‘interstate’ adventure which took them around an extinct volcano that sticks out of the landscape much like, er, an extinct volcano. Fortunately, the only sign of smoke around those parts nowadays comes from just down the road in Nimbin. Smell the serenity. You can spend 5 hours climbing Mt Warning on foot to see one side of it, or see the whole thing in about 15 minutes, orbiting around this spectacular landmark by air. Just sayin’.


Santi’s Adventure

Santi after his first flight in a light aircraft

As a recreational or private pilot, you have no doubt taken many passengers, some willing and others not-so-much, on what, for some of them at least, may well have been the adventure of a lifetime. But there is a small group of people you may not have considered when passing around the invites to go flying. In this article we relate the recent experience of Michael, RPL and good friend of Aero Circus, which might just give you some ideas for sharing the joy of flying with a wider audience.


More Suggestions

Obviously, as we are based in South East Queensland, we can’t easily explore some of the many great attractions Australia has to offer in a pissy little Cessna. So if you have some aerial adventure ideas or experiences from your own part of the country that you think may be of interest to private pilots (and you would be willing to share with us), please email us with the details and we will share them with the rest of the world.

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